When it comes time to retire, selecting the right combination of income options may be the most important investment decision clients will ever make. Life Annuities bring security to a financial plan because there is no market exposure and income is guaranteed for life.

A Manulife Investments Life Annuity offers a number of options that bring versatility to the investment and it is backed by the strength and stability of Manulife Financial.

They are ideal for investors who:

They are ideal for investors who:

  • Want the highest guaranteed income amount possible from their investment
  • Wish to help cover their essential expenses in retirement
  • Are concerned about outliving their savings
  • Wish to minimize tax on their investment income
  • Value security and peace of mind while reducing the need for ongoing investment decisions

Principal protection is an important Life Annuity option to consider for your clients. It can help ensure that any remaining principal is passed to beneficiaries should the client die prematurely.

Note: A Daily Interest Account is also available. This is a convenient place to “park” money while clients take time to make longer-term investment decisions.