Fuller Financial Group is available to assist you with your life, health insurance and investment needs. We are dedicated to providing advice and solutions to protect against the financial risk of living a long life, dying too soon, illness or injury.

We Ask Questions …

1st Meeting –
Gathering Phase

It is our mission to understand the changing needs of our clients.  To do this, we ask several personal questions regarding:

  • Family life
  • Lifestyle
  • Your current financial situation
  • Future needs of your children  (education & well being)
  • Things that concern or worry you the most
  • Your vision for your future
  • We ask these questions with one important consideration in mind – if unexpected death or disability were to occur, can you fulfill your desires for you and our loved ones?

2nd Meeting –
Solutions Phase

We take the information from the first meeting and build a plan to protect what matter most to you.  During this meeting we do the following:

  • Review the facts and quantify your income and lifestyle needs
  • Present options that compliment your current and future plans
  • Decide on the option that’s right for you
  • Complete the application process

3rd Meeting –
Delivery Phase

We set a follow-up meeting to present the plans that have been customized to fit your needs.  We do the following:

  • Annual Review  – Maintenance Phase

As your journey through life evolves so will your needs; allow us to help out along the way.